Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh the joys of exploring !!!

I love to go out and explore especially since I am new to where I live and loving it , even though it may not sound like it at times . Here are some photos . Have an awesome day .
yes that is right that is a tiny post office too cute looks like a mini post office to me lol !!!
and this old awesome looking courthouse . Gotta love the old buildings and the small town americas . Love it .


  1. Pretty! The old architecture is really neat. Haha about the PO. It looks familiar, though... small town America, gotta love it.

  2. So cool that you're out exploring :) I love to hear about exploration journeys. Keep the pics coming!!!

  3. hope you're settling in ok. letter will be on its way before the end of next week. things have been crazy around these parts. :)

  4. Yes, Ohio and Indiana small towns have some WONDERFUL old bldgs.
    Especially their Courthouses...most built in the late 1800's. ~~ And around those Courthouse Squares are USUALLY some really neat Antique Malls...and shoppes.
    Pick up the Antique NEWS Newsletters at the shoppes you stop in..and they will give you ALL sorts of places to visit across the State.
    Look for some in Indaina will be pleasantly surprised.

    All sorts of FUN things go on in the Summer and Fall months up there...Antique and Craft Fairs and STATE FAIRS..they are really wonderful.

    I so miss that about Indiana and Ohio. Now living here in TEXAS...but I sure do LOVE the WINTERS HERE MUCH BETTER.