Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi kids we went fresh veggie hunting and to no avail

Hey there all well yesterday I went to see if any of the farms were open yet and nope they are not wont be open until the first week in June . Oh things are so different when you move from a southern climate to a northern climate . Im so used to going to the flea market and just seeing all the fresh southern veggies there and picking them up and going home . Well it seems here in the northern climates no one has fresh veggies untill the first wk in June . Ugh !! Oh well I hope it is worth the wait . Well the weather is wonderful and beautiful . finally some sunshine after so much rain traveling over from Indianna . We get tons of rain from Indianna apparently . It is okay cause I like rain too .


  1. It's raining here too. Ours came from Missouri. We've had enough and don't need anymore. Can't wait for our Farmer's Market to open.

  2. Usually about mid summer you can find produce everywhere here :) In September we'll go apple picking again. Have you ever been to an orchard to pick your own apples? It's a nice little outing and the apples are soooo tasty!