Friday, May 21, 2010

I have been reading so much again

Well I have picked up my reading habit again and I do think I will complete my goal of 150 books read by the end of the year . Oh I m so sorry I have not been blogging regularly but really nothing to blog about nothing spectactular has happened . Other than I am still working on my goal of the books read . I sure bless those people who are having to deal with this oil spill . reminds me of the valdes disaster that happened in Alaska twenty yrs ago yes i know some of my dear readers probably were not even born then . Oh on the diabetes front my sugars have been all over the place wonder if it could be related to the fact that I dont sleep well and that i have not been eating right , I guess Im going through one of those lazy phases . Oh well who knows anymore right ? seems like any little thing here throws it off as im sure it is with the rest of you . Yesterday was our first day of sun in five days yes that is right five days . I have had enough rain . Oh well sugars please get better and hope you all have a great day and awesome weekend .


  1. Praying for sunnier sugar days to come your way! We just survived the end of the school year and I sense quite a lazy phase headed my way :)

  2. 150 books? wow! i'm lucky to get through 15!

  3. Good morning, yes, the Exxon Valdez (remember it was pronounced Val-deeez?) This spill is worse. I so worried for the people who live and have to make a living down on the Gulf Coast. I don't set a number goal with reading, I just read, but I do keep track on Goodreads (dot) com, which helps me not to re-read a book. Right now, I'm reading a book published in 1859. It's very good. The Woman in White!