Sunday, May 9, 2010

went exploring again

On saturday we went to explore some more of the world called ohio and wanted to get to trader joes as well . So stopped at buck eye lake state park and saw these canadian geese with their babies never have seen the babies before . Now my b i l has stated more than once that he thinks that these canadian geese are the meanest creatures put on this earth . Oh well I will have to reserve thoughts on that .

also went to the farm today and saw and petted the goats and the cows and they are so funny and so friendly . the cows tongues are like sand paper . I had fun . I did not take any pictures at the farm cause it was so cold .


  1. So glad you're having fun exploring your new world! I hope that you've settled in a groove in your new life!

  2. Dear Ohio, please give us warmer weather. It's May!


    Geese aren't so bad or mean. They just like to be left alone :)

  3. canada geese can be very territorial, even if they are on YOUR property, but really they are harmless!

    it was 30-something degrees here all weekend. :(

  4. It is fun to explore new territory...but he is right...Canadian Geese are NASTY creatures...they leave the most disgusting messes where ever they are staying for any length of time.
    I remember OHIO being really, really good ANTIQUE hunting grounds.
    I use to live in Indiana..and we so loved going over to Ohio to "shop".
    Miss that down here in Texas...except for the Round Top. TX Extravaganza's.