Friday, April 30, 2010

Why is it that the Post office tries to destroy your mail?

I would swear that I think that sometimes the post office tries to destroy your mail when you send it in anything but a regular envelope ? I sent some envies i made out of an old map to some friends and now they are telling me oh the envie was so pretty but it was destroyed in the process of mailing . Oh wow you have got to be kidding me so now cannot send anything in the mail except the plain ole envelope so I guess I will just have to find some way to get more creative with those then or try the magazine ones that I receive so often . Knowing my luck though the mags would also get clobbered LOL !!! okay so you guessed it today is my ranting and raving day for the good ole post office . I mean i dont want them to close or anything but why oh why cant they take a little more care of the precious cargo we entrust them with ? Okay Im done and yeah I know you all are probably thinking cant this girl find anything to be happy about ? Im sure everyone around me thinks the same thing . God bless and take care everyone and smile eventually I will be better and fine in a few hrs LOL !!!


  1. Mine came through okay. LOVED the idea!!

  2. It could just be Ohio =/ Things don't always appear to go smoothly through the post office here. Regardless, I loved the old map envelope! I think it might be ok if you do it again, but reinforce it.

    Possible steps:

    1. trace envelope template onto map and cut out shape
    2. glue the cut out map envelope to any kind of other paper
    3. cut around the map envelope so that it's back to normal size
    4. fold, glue, let dry, include letter and ship off!

    The only problem is that it might need more postage because of the added weight :(