Monday, April 12, 2010

Now this is weather I can handle

Today it will hit 68 degrees at noon and maybe 75 by 2pm and then it goes cool at night now see these are temps I can handle . I really like it here and my dog needs to get adjusted to being quiet while handling the noise from the apt livers that dwell here . I am going to really like it here . This was the last move we are doing ourselves , we will hire someone to move us next time . we both got sick to our stomachs moving in and that tells me that we need to hire someone next time to do it for us . Now it is time to start looking at furniture cause we got rid of all our old stuff when we left . I found an awesome work desk that I am dying to have and get . I m used to paying big money for furniture and the prices here just floor me that they are so reasonable . LOL !! Or maybe I am still living florida prices . Im sure I will get used to all of this and am applying like crazy to jobs . I hope something happens soon in the way of a job for me . I need one if only pt to get me out of this house and some pocket money . Oh well be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. Found you thru the 365 blog...and glad I did...

    I too am most definately on the OLDER side of life...will be 72 soon. MOVED for what I hope is the last time eleven years ago..and we LOVE our home...just love it.
    We like the weahter here in Texas, much better than up North...we lived in Indiana for many, many years...TOO MANY cold winters to suit us. But like yourself..the hot humid weather of Texas/Florida does get a bit boring after a while. But at least the SUN is out a good bit of the time anyway. Summer and Winter.
    And THE WINTERS are so much nicer, we think.

    I will be dropping back in soon...and will be watching for you to come visit my blog I hope.

    What does "Oh well be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider". mean ?

    GOOD luck in finding a job....I too would love to find one...but one that I can work from home being creative on my I have Fibromyalgia and can't work Eight to Five at a regular job any longer.
    In the meantime, you might think about being a volunteer..and from that.... a JOB may come.


  2. Good luck getting settled in!

  3. Good luck on the job front! It's freezing (ok not horribly) here! 53 degrees is just too darn cold for summer. Come on Ohio, give us a heat wave! The weather men lied! >_> Well, its 53 degrees here in Columbus...

    Glad you are getting settled in though! Welcome to Ohio!