Thursday, March 28, 2013

I hope that spring comes soon .

I do hope that spring comes soon . I have so many seedlings to put in the soil and on the sill and in the green house . Im also going to african violet show next month and I woudl like very much for it to be warm by then and ready to rock and roll and get me some more avs . mother natures cold attack killed all but one of mine . yes thank God it was the prettiest one of all of them . I also ventured into making home made topsy turvys out of coffee cans so much cheaper than the 10.00 you shell out for the store bought ones . I guess I just try and see how something is made and i try my hand at it and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not . Hey nothing ventured , nothing gained . well the movie Lincoln came out this week so i will see if I can rent it because i cant afford to buy it so I would like to very much see it in the comfort of my own home .... to anyone who has not seen this movie I highly recommend that you do . Although I did not agree with some of the awards that were not given for this movie . One of my fave actresses sally field got cheated by not getting an award for this movie I think she did a fine job of portraying a presidential wife who obviously had some sort of mental defect . I wish that the movie had dealt with her after lincolns death a little more . From what I have read Mary todd lincoln did not fare well with the death of her husband and for lack of a better word went off the deep end and spent some time in an institution placed their by her oldest son . what wife or mother for that matter would have dealt well with the death of her sons 2, of the 3 passed away and from what I have read Mr. Lincoln did not fare well with Willies death at all and it changed him forever . But Mary Todd Lincoln was prone to fits of uncontrolled anger and depression and a great deal of mental stress and troubles and in those days they did not know how to deal with such people . But I think my heart goes out to someone with such troubles . So I will very much rent this movie and tell you what I think of it after i have seen all of it take all and adieu until next time my dear readers .

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