Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am a people listener

Yesterday while sitting in the drs office and listening to a group of nurses talk about obama care . They said that the government has already been mailing out pamphlets to drs offices and then one of the nurses had talked to one of the drs and she was saying that the way the dr understands how it will work is the dr will have to make a decision on who gets treated or not . Am I to take that as if someone shows up in the er who is not that bad,  in the drs opinion will be sent home and possibly die and the dr nor the hospital will be held liable for the said death ? wow Im really scared of obama care now as if I was not before but now it is come to my mind to be a very dangerous thing that our government is playing with . The government has no buisness in our health care decisions at all nor much of anything else . I have also heard from several of my pen pals that they just simply wont be able to afford obama care and they depend on their tax return to cover alot of over due bills and yet if obama care comes to be a reality they will recieve nothing in the way of a tax return . I for one seem to think if that becomes the case then folks will just simply stop paying their taxes and the government will force them to go underground so to speak and get paid in cash ... what dear readers is your opinion ? do you favor obama care and if so why knowing that obama care might mean death to some ? and to others a life on the street with nothing ? Let me know what you think .

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