Thursday, February 28, 2013

wow i think Im in a better mood

well just to let all my readers know I am working on two books . One is a kids book which I will need the name and addy of a publisher if any of my dear readers know any please pass on the info . The other one is a manuscript I must have tucked away a while ago because I found it while cleaning out my bedroom this past week and just cleaning period . So naturally when I saw it I totally wanted to kick myself in the head and I was like what in the world is wrong with you ? or so I would like to think is what happened and i just tucked it away . So these two books will be taking a significant amount of my time so if I dont blog here very often it is because I am working and working hard to get the kinks worked out of this manuscript too . Im just hoping it does not take me 2-3 yrs to finish this book . I hope this book does me justice or I do it justice whichever may be the case . Wish me luck .

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