Wednesday, February 27, 2013

have any of you exp windows 8 ? I hate it to say the least

Hi my dear readers I feel as though I should say this my husband bought me a new laptop but I hate windows 8 . It is too complicated unless you are a computer genius and I do mean that because navigation is complicated and I m thinking about just trading my husband this computer for his . I just wish I thought more and more about this purchase and had I known at the time that the windows 8 is so nasty ugh !!!Im also working on two books right now I managed to find a manuscript last night while looking for my inhaler (yes I have to use an inhaler ) they (the drs ) claim I don't have asthma but when I take the aerosol from my inhaler I stop coughing and I don't seem to be as stuffy as I normally am . does that tell me anything ? I don't know but will report to my dr when I see her on the 18th .I still am taking therapy Im not sure why , I think sometimes yes and sometimes no I don't understand it .I am urging all my readers to make sure when someone tells you windows 8 that you do think twice my dear friends about even attempting to navigate such an instrument ... It is a good thing that Microsoft does not ask my opinion of windows 8 because believe me when I say they would get an earful ....LOL . Yes I am just in one of those moods to tell people to go put it in their ear and that is being nice .

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  1. two comments, 1 - Please for the love of mike change the background. all I can see when I turn away is the letters from the screen :)

    Now the second part. I work in IT. I used windows 8 from beta to release. I would never suggest installing it on an older or non touch screen machine. I have owned it and removed it from my personal machines and WILL NOT be installing it on any machines within our building. No ensure this I even bought an additional 30 win 7 licenses for work.