Friday, February 15, 2013

It just occured to me that I forgot something

okay all of you mail artists are you interested in proving that some of us still do send mail and mail art ? then please send this guy a letter . He is the columnists that I talked about in my last post about how he thought that no one sends mail anymore and or mail and mail art is a decade gone by . Well please please send this guy some mail and mail art and let us all show him how wrong he is and he might even be swayed to post the letters and the mail art in his column would that not be a hoot ? to have some of our art out there to live in infamy to borrow a word from the Dear Mr. Winston Churchill . Please oh please dear readers let us all gather together and show this columnist he is wrong .... thanks all and here is the addy and please write on and draw on !!!!!

19329 E. Pinewood Dr.

Centennial, CO 80016   I put Mr. Al on the envie out of respect and just a general knowledge that some folks truly dont like someone calling them or writing to them by their first name when they are not close personal friends . Or so I was always told by my dear sweet granny who also happen to admire and love Mr. Winton Churchill and she was an admirer or the last great President Franklin D. Roosevelt and she would often recant of her standing with her mother and father while they were living in one of the state where  the train carrying his body after he passed away  , came through and how all the grown folks were crying and waving hankercheifs in the air and saying goodbye . well let me get back on track and say Have a wonderful day my readers and remember to get those letters out . thanks again .

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