Thursday, February 21, 2013

It never rains unless it pours

boy never in my life would I think it would be so hard to find things and have them all come together at one time for us . It just never fails that something will ultimately go wrong . I have to stop myself and say Now Lord you know and i know that you dont want such and this etc to happen to a child of yours , so please Lord show me the path I am supposed to take and sometimes im wondering if Im hearing from the Lord or from satan . Those are times when I just get busy in the bible and read and pray and read and pray and sometimes I will get an answer but it is all in the Lords time not mine . I think we as christians probably hold some people to a higher standard and we are not supposed to do that at all . I find myself doing that alot . I wish I did nt but i do and it is one of many of my faults when it comes to people in general . Im so hoping that I get an answer sometime this week from The Lord showing me what path we are supposed to take because this study and search is getting more difficult and Satan sure has been busy I will tell you that . also please pray for my husband because things have been very difficult for him as well , satan has been busy with him as well . I sure aint giving up because Satan wants christians to give up and give way so that he can win . Well I do believe that God is mightier and can move mountains .

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  1. What's wrong? Are you ok? Is your husband ill? Sounds like Life is just being Life, but we understand what you mean. I used to call myself Job-etta 'cause I so related to his story. :) Just remember that the ending will be quite different from the storm you feel you are in the middle of at the moment. Keep Faith.