Monday, July 8, 2013

What was inside those boxes ?

Okay here it is yeah it is all stationery ....and for a paper nut like me this is an awesome find . I just adore the little pooh notecards with the see through envie in the first pic and then there is the 2nd pic and it had at least a hundred note sheets with the peking ducks at the bottom ...I thought it was just awesome and so many people get stuff like this as gifts and they just toss it to the good will well there dumpster stuff is my treasure find ....I love it . Take care all my readers .


  1. Hi Phonelady,

    Thanks for the invitation to come and read your blog. I see we have a few obsessions in common. I hoard stationery too and find most of my favourite things at the charity shops. Love the note cards you got.

    I don't have a blog...yet. Limner keeps urging me to write and I will one day but life is full just now so I enjoy my letter writing when I can sneak away and have some quiet time.

    TTFN, Anna

    1. Oh My goodness anna so good to meet a fellow stationery lover please email me at i would love to jot a letter off to you so would you please let me know your address I would simply love it if we could become pen pals does that sound alright to you ....