Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A promise I made to a friend

Now it took me a  few days to remember (geeze I'm getting old LOL) that I had promised to post a picture when I found it . This was a conversation I had with my good friend Limner over at Oh just write me and if you have not checked out her blog yet please do so , she is a true artist and an all around awesome woman a real powerhouse mind you .... Okay back to what I was trying to do before I got off track . This is a picture I promised to post for her because it looked very much like one she had posted earlier and I told her I would post it when I found it and low and behold I had to look for something else in the closet and came across the album that this was in . So without further adieu here is the photo and enjoy . May the Good Lord watch over you and yours my dear readers .

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