Friday, July 15, 2016

I really dislike writing bad reviews on a product , trust me I really do

Now I am talking about the platinum preppy pens that I recently ordered and received . I ordered two in different nibs just to see how I liked them and oh no I don't . I don't like them at all . To be honest my cheap jinhao x750 writes so much better than these preppys . I cannot imagine a fellow fountain pen lover liking these preppys that much compared to other pens . The jinhaos glide over paper any paper but not these . They should have the title "crappy " instead of preppy attached to them .Yes folks that is how much I dislike them . I will stick with my cheap jinhao x750 model thank you . If this is what America is turning out in the way of products folks we are all doomed . Yes , get that I highly dislike these preppys . I wish I could return them but it would cost more to return them than it is to keep them . Well take care all and I wish everyone well .

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