Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is a weird virus I have and some strange happenings to report

Yesterday I reported that I was ill again and now yet today I feel really well again . I dont understand this thing I have and i will call it a thing for now because Im not a dr . I just play one on tv LOL !!!I also wanted to report on a wildlife reserve here in Zanesville Ohio that I was going to visit a few weeks ago . This wildlife reserves owner was found dead this morning with some wild animals circling him . I have heard in the wild that some animals do this and Im thinking maybe they were trying to protect him . Well the news was stating that some of the animals have gotten loose and they are telling citizens of zanesville ohio to stay in their homes and also to stay out of the woods or if you have woods on your property to stay out of them . On a sad note to this , some of the animals have been shot and killed because of the obvious danger to the citizens that surround this area . On a better note they have actually called in the columbus zoo and they are now taking over capturing the animals . Let us hope that they can help and no more animals will be euthanized .

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