Monday, September 21, 2015

Look what I got in the mail ...

Look at that envelope will you ? is that not awesome mail goodness , Of course it is and it is whoa baby hold on to your shorts good . I love this coloring book as well . For now I will use it to practice drawing my birds and animals so much better than I have been . In the meanwhile I want the person who sent this to me to know a nice lil thank you is coming your way . God bless you my friend . I'm so glad you think so highly of me to give me a gift like this I am blown away and I will leave it at that .


  1. Yay, hey! It made it! Things are at least a day late if I mail from Ace after the 2:30 mail run. If it's done on the weekend it takes even longer. Add in the wait for my out-going to fill before making a mail run and time becomes irrelevant. Convenience trumps most things mail. :)

    Whoa. Let us back up. Your last sentence shook me to my core. What makes you feel that way? I've given you gifts before. Haven't I? And I've passed on some of my hoarded treasures aka books. Besides, I try to match gifts with personalities, hobbies, and bits of info garnered from things pen friends reveal of themselves. No matter. That coloring book had your name on it, so it is yours. Enjoy! :)

    Sorry again for taking so long to reply. Blogger refuses to let me reply to comments left on OWM, so I have to use a different browser. This is getting old. Time to switch.

  2. That sure is a beautiful envelope. Coloring is such a restful pastime. Enjoy!