Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Eleanor Roosevelt to be put on the 10 $ bill oh so about time

I am woman hear me roar , Yes it is about time some of this countrys most powerful women are put on our money . I say here , here right on . It is most welcome to me and I'm sure many of you other ladies out there welcome this as well . Now for a female president , however not Queen Hillary she is notorious for not telling the truth and frankly I have had enough of liars in the white house . I also will not vote for a first time senator either . Let us all learn from our mistakes . May we learn all our lessons from mistakes . I am praying for a friends mother to be on the mend . Why does this country always seem to treat women like second class citizens when it is we women who give birth to our leaders ? Remember some of those doors that are now open to us is because a woman before us kicked that door open . So when you ladies including myself go out to vote make sure you know the issues and where you candidate stands on womens health , womens pay scale ( yes ladies we still make less than a man while doing the same job ) in the year 2015 I think that is appauling as well . Okay I will step down off the soapbox and pray that I did not offend anyone while trying to state my position .

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