Monday, June 22, 2015

Great stands for Get ready for everything and try ....

the opposite of no is on !!

You stands for your opportunity is unlimited ....

Not knowing when the dawn will come , I open every door . Emily Dickinson

The wise don't expect to find life worth living ,they make it that way . Cookie Cunningham

a diamond is a chunk of coal that did good under pressure . Mountain saying

focus on making things better not bigger . H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It is easy to flatter ; it is harder to praise .Jean Paul Richter

that is all readers and nothing much going on here other than it is hotter than the blue blazes outside . take care , stay hydrated and stay well .

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  1. Great words to mull over. It's hot as the dickens here too. Ugh! When I got into my car after my Dr. Appt., my thermometer said 122'f, but I know it's just becuse my car was sitting in the sun. I think it is actually 112