Sunday, October 16, 2016

using human trafficking for entertainment is not my idea of a good book

This book was a shocker to me from chris bohjalian . I was shocked and saddened by this book . This is from one of my favorite authors as well . This book took human trafficking to a form of entertainment and not my idea of a good well written story . It was so graphic there should be a sticker warning on it . I felt betrayed by one of my fave authors and cant say why he would think this subject would be good to write about and also how can you find pleasure or excitement in someones life falling apart and yet they keep compounding the problem . This book left me troubled and uncomfortable and that is all I can say about it without giving the plot and most of the story away .I'm very disappointed in one of my favorite authors and hope his next book is far better than this one left me feeling . I give it two stars out of five .

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