Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What a Mess !!!

Normally I don't air political anything on my blog . But after last night's debacle of a vice presidential debate . I feel I must say that I have never seen more of a rude gas bag than Mr Kaine . He consistently interrupted Mr, Pence and was obviously not taught manners as a child . Both of these men talked over each other most of the time . The moderator lost control of the situation from the start . I will no longer watch any of these messes of debates . Frankly Hilliary and Kaine deserve each other rude and disgusting people . No wonder half this country is confused and don't know who they are voting for when the time comes .And another thing you celebs who say you are moving if a certain person becomes president , why wait ? That plane and car etc goes both ways why not leave now . Okay I m done with my rant aka political views .

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