Thursday, November 3, 2011

Since Im feeling better

This has been quite the expierience having pneumonia that is . I have sat here and instead of letting my mind turn to mush I have come up with a whole new set of ideas of how to deco my envelopes being the avid letter writer that I am . Yes my husband seems to think that I have taken on the job of keeping the postal system in business single handedly LOL !! No not really just throwing that out there . It seems as though I have scared some of my fellow pen pals , now they read my letter first to make sure Im not in the hospital again . Believe me it was not my choice to be in the hospital it was fate that had their hands in that my dear readers . Believe me when I say I will try to avoid the hospital at all costs again or at least a hospital stay . Now back to what I was talking about . I have come up with some charecters that some of you will see from time to time . Im really thinking that I might just get into illustrations from different ideas that come across my brain from time to time .So those of you whom I write will see them from time to time on my letters and I would appreciate feedback from those if you are so inclined to do so . I will not reveal them until I get some feedback on them and will post a picture on this blog sometime in the future . Well that is all for now dear readers . Take care and stay safe .

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I have had the start of a sinus infection and feel like dog spit these days. So my sympathy is with you.