Monday, September 7, 2009

a new beanie baby added to the collection of mascots

His name is fable and he is a unicorn and he is the newest addition to my mascots I use on here from time to time . I think he is a cutie . This is labor day here in the united states so I have been alerted that many of our overseas friends have to still work today and it is a normal day for them . So let us all remember while we are enjoying our time for bbqs and family and friends that there are other people in the world that are not so fortunate and lucky as we are to be enjoying a holiday today . I will close here for now and
remember be carefull out there among them english .


  1. So cute - I have Hissy hanging from my extension lamp protecting me while I work from home.

  2. Grrr! You crazy yankees with your bonkers holidays!