Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well I got an email back from aetna this am !!!

The lady that sent the email said she could not believe that they turned me down on the basis of just being an insulin dependant diabetic . She claims she is going to look into my file further and find out what is going on cause normally they dont turn down just on that basis alone . Then she asked me if my husbands last name was the same as mine ? Uh duh yeah he is my husband !!! I just dont think this will go anywhere and I must say when I saw the ? I had to laugh because these are the ppl that are in charge of our life insurance companys and most likely the future of our country and that should be very scary to some of us . I think the email just served the purpose to make me laugh which it did . LOL !!!!Well we shall see what comes of this and I will keep you , all my readers informed of what happens but it was just a hoot to wake me up this morning . smile and take care all and be carefull out there among them english .

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  1. Hey, send me their email address. I want to write them too. This is nothing more than discrimination. I love your song...can I borrow it?