Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I say all of us should boycott Aetna Insurance Company !!

I sincerely hate all insurance companys and having to deal with them . Of course when the hubby started a new job we looked into health insurance and we decided to pass up on that because of the cost , in other words do we keep a roof over our heads or do we pay for health insurance ? We opted to be two of the millions of americans who are walking around without health insurance . But a month ago we applied to the life insurance company that hubbys employer carries and it is Aetna . I am cringing as I say the name . I received today in the mail a letter stating that they were declining to carry a life insurance policy on me simply based upon the fact that I am an insulin dependant diabetic . To me that is the highest form of discrimination . I want to know why insurance companies are allowed to cherry pick . In other words Aetna only insures healthy ppl . No wonder our country is in such a mess . I am so pissed right now I just cannot even put this into words !!! Well thanks for reading and letting me rant . Be carefull out there among them english .


  1. HERE HERE!!!!!!!! Why DO insurance companies get to cherry pick???? My husband's employer is switching insurance plans and we had a choice between Aetna and Cigna...

    Glad we chose Cigna!

    (Aetna didn't cover my daughter's endo... so...was that REALLY a choice????)

    Glad to "meet" you!

  2. So sorry to hear. It really sucks they lump us Diabetics into a pre-existing condition liability category. I hate it.

    Vent/rant away!! We are here to listen/read...

  3. OOOOh this makes me so mad! I could pull my hair out! I went to a Health Care Reform town meeting recently. I had to leave, or I would have gone to the pokey. Nothing but a bunch of crazy people screaming ME, ME, ME. Forget about pre-existing conditions. I looked around thinking, "And, this is America?" Freedom of Speech has turned into Freddom of BERLIGERINCE. Every time I tried to present Addy's story, people screamed, "Not MY Problem, Not MY Taxes!!" I wanted to start punching, instead..I walked out. By the way, howdy!:)

  4. It's horrible, isn't it? What a mess. I hope things get on track for you. We haven't even considered life insurance for me yet... though I suppose we'd come up on the same issues.

    I have to say i'm on the fence about it... life insurance is still private business. My husband makes furniture, and he wouldn't necessarily like it if someone came in and told him he had to make tables out of plastic [he works with wood]. On the other hand, he might do it if they paid him more. So, the question is, are you willing to pay more? Because that's what it will come to in the end. anyway, yes, I agree. It's discrimiating. Diabetes can be very healthy--healthier people. that's what gets me. I'm way healthier than some of my counterparts who drink more, eat more, and in general aren't aware of their bodies like I am.

    Kinda sucks, doesn't it?