Friday, September 18, 2009

Yoga class

Well kiddos I went to the first yoga class last night and let me tell you that gal will put you through your paces . I also suffered a low and had to have a juice box and a snack at break .
One of the ladies in the class was a little snotty body and said something like "you are not to have food in the class " they have a sign out there you know . Well one of the other ladies was very kind and simply stated to her and told her that some people have medical conditions and there are always exceptions to the rules ! I just dont understand some ppls way of thinking about how they can always open their mouth when it is not really needed This snotty body has two kids ages 7 and 9 and I can only imagine the parent -teacher confrences she must have . Then after class I see how her kids turned out . The 7 yr old told her father "mom says it is time to go Howard " . I said to him oh your the kids step dad ? Oh no I m their dad . If I had dared called my father by his first name ever I would have been toting such a cherry red rear it would not have been funny . she allows the children the place her husband should have in the family dynamic . I see now how she acts and actually I felt better after that . Okay be carefull out there among them english and thanks to lady lake I will be getting a flu shot . LOL !!!


  1. I've been pregnant 4 times and have 4 kids...and I always thought it was THE MOST RIDICULOUS thing to have a sign in the waiting room that said, NO FOOD Or DRINKS. I mean, first of all... pregnant much? and second, I went to high risk doctors who specialized in diabetes. I ignored the signs if I needed to. :) People will be people... Let it roll phonelady.

  2. I am happy that you had a good expierence with the Yoga part, even thought it was hard. Keep it up!

    As far as the rest, leave it for the huddle of buzzards that are always hanging around. I have no idea how far you are on the older side of life, but I do know that you lived through enough to glide though "ugly" like a Swan! Just your proof. :)