Monday, September 28, 2009

update on the doggie dilema

I just wanted to show you all what the doggie who is my trouble child looks like with his ears up and he is squinting his eyes cause the flash hurts his eyes . the brown and white baby is my mild child . Good news all the e collar is gone and the foot is healing just fine . I am so glad cause that e collar would scratch me everytime he got too close to my skin OUch !!! Oh well he is still on his medicine though cause he has to stay on that untill this saturday and will be so glad . It is hard enough for me to remember to do some things much less remember to give meds to others . Okay here we go again with the alzheimers . Nah , just kidding . Well just be carefull out there among them english . stay well all .


  1. Glad he's better. Our latest addition to the family, Lady, has been quite bad lately. Sunday morning, I figured out she has been tearing clothes off of the clothes line. Our dryer is broken, so I've been using clothes line in the backyard. I thought my husband had brought some clothes in, and he thought I had done it. When I went out to hang up some more clothes, I saw the other items under a tree. Let me tell you, I was not happy about the situation. Trying to teach her to stop jumping up on us (she's huge...part-Doberman...), but it's slow going.

  2. You little ones are sooo cute. Thanks for the sweet card. I was happy to help. I'm happy that the bag meets your needs.