Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doggie update

Well this is an update to the earlier post , a couple of days ago .
This doggie is feeling much better and the anti biotic is working well and the sore is clearing up . He is still in the e collar simply because if I take it off the licking starts up again and the infection starts all over again . I am leaning towards the fact that he will be staying in the e collar for about two wks if not more . This doggie is my problem child . I used to think my kids , my sons ,one of which is a type 1 diabetic was going to be the cause of me going totally grey . Not true I think this dog will be the one to do it . This dog I am referring to is a chihuahua and you cant tell because his ears cannot stand up in the collar . His sister is the meek and mild one . She is so mellow and it is like night and day with these two .
Thanks to all of you who asked about him and wanted to let you all know that he is fairing much better these days and will take a pic when the collar is off and he is back to normal , whatever he perceives normal to be . Oh well be carefull out there among them english .


  1. Hope the doggie feels better soon and stops being your problem child. ;-)

  2. glad to hear puppy is doing better.

  3. Poor baby. He's so cute!

  4. Good to hear he is doing better!!!! Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog! I have to stay busy or I'll go crazy! lol!