Friday, September 4, 2009

really raunchy night or is it morning ? cant remember

Well this morning I woke up about 3 am and found myself at a 35 I should have been dead I guess . I drank some apple juice and tested three more times and went back to sleep and I have felt like hell and I am totally in a fog which usually can be relied upon to keep going untill I go to sleep again tonight . well of course i bring myself up again only to be high the rest of the day . I am so totally needing sleep right now and cant or should I say wont because I know that if I try to nap I will end up not sleeping tonight .Well I am finally going to go to the grocery store tonight maybe LOL !!! whooooo the hell knows anymore LOL !! I guess it is just the bgs taking over again . I will eventually get to the grocery store sometime today or tommorow .I have to go concentrate on my grocery list yeah we will see how far I get with that . I will let you know eventually how I did and what I did . Well all be carefull out there among them english .


  1. Oh no! I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Hey Sis,
    Thanks so much for commenting on my post. I love meeting new people!
    Looks like you are a crafter. I knit like a fiend and do beadwork. Such fun.
    I'm going to check out all of your posts when I've got a sec.
    Have a great long weekend.

  3. Ugh. I hate how one blood sugar can ruin the whole day.

    I Am going grocery shopping tomorrow. I Am.