Monday, May 2, 2011

Okay It is official I hate mail box keys and community mailboxes

I hate mail box keys and community mail boxes . I moved over the wknd and not only do we not have a mail box key yet we dont even know what mail box is ours . I think I may have to wait a wk for a key and it will drive me crazy and then I will be pissed at our mail system because to me that is just lazy to not even have a new tennant a mail box key already made and waiting for them ? But you can believe they did have their hand out for our money for the rent and other fees . I think if it does take a week I will march my butt down to the post office and give them a good piece of my mind . I am also pissed at Uhaul for delaying our move by three hours and giving us the run around about where our moving truck was ? Three places we were sent to looking for our truck and oh by the way my readers a reservation means nothing with Uhaul . Please boycott Uhaul and use penske . I am btw sending a wonderfully mean opinion letter to the president and ceo of Uhaul which Im sure will really tick someone off I sure hope it will anyways !!! Okay this move was a disaster , I wanted a new apt in a nicer complex and I did manage to get it and now I have located a washer and dryer thank god but wont be able to obtain it until the end of may or the end of june which ever comes first . You can see I have had a really stinky wknd and its official I hate moving and I hate not having keys to things I need !!!!

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  1. Where ARE you? Sounds like a really negative experience. Hope things will be way better soon.