Monday, May 30, 2011

This is absoloutly lovely

Paris Rubber Stamp Set in a Tin By Cavallini & Co.
by Cavallini
In Stock.Offered by timelessfavors dot com

All of my fellow crafting friends and rubber stamp fiends , I just love this set and found it on amazon . However it is a tad bit costly I just love anything associated with France . Spending some time there many yrs ago I fell in love With Paris . Could that be titled "From Paris with Love " LOL . Well hey Im no writer and some times things or statements just pop in my head and pop out of my mouth :) . Does anyone else find their selves doing that as well ? I sure hope so or I might end up thinking Im just a total head case LOL !!! Adieu my dear readers and have a wonderful day ..


  1. Oh I love that set. I, too, love Paris. My hubby got me the Cavallini & Co Vintage Office rubber stamp set but found it at a local store on sale for $15!! Lucky me, but oh that Paris set. Thanks, and you, too, have a lovely day.

  2. Cavallini makes great stuff.