Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is why I cant ever seem to get things done on time

This is usually why I cannot get anything done because I usually have a bird or a dog on me , near me or around me or someone is fussing because they dont like the way things are . Or they are throwing their food everywhere and I cannot stand dirt being the clean freak that I am and will get up and clean and I honestly think that sometimes animals have a conspiracy going to make me nuts and or crazy . What do you readers think ? , do our animals know when we are busy trying to think or do something and then they put their two cents in ? what say you readers ?


  1. of course, they are like everyone else, they want to be the center of attention :-D

  2. My dog gets sassy when I am on the phone. She likes to play catch or just make a nuisance. I think she is too smart for her own good.

    Missed you while I have been educating... glad to have a half load for a while. Only taking 2 classes right now and have time to breath!

    Missed your awesome words of wisdom.

  3. You bet they know. LOL! Simon and Minuet want my lap when I'm busy working on something that takes my attention off them totally. I was trying out my new red quill pen, using red ink as I sat in a butter yellow leather chair. Guess who jumped onto my lap despite the lap desk, pad of paper and me holding an open bottle of ink! It's bad when I'm in the middle of blogging, writing or doing something important. When I want to cuddle them when I feel guilty, but have the time, they can't be bothered.

    That's a beautiful bird. Love the color. I called Pretty Baby a parrot. She was a parakeet. Wolfey has made me conscious of the words I use. :)