Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things are back to normal here thank the good lord above

Thank goodness things are starting to get back to normal . I have things hung up in the new place and finally got my mail box keys and the animals are settling down . Change seems to readily upset them . The moving concept to them is strange I guess . I love it cause now the dogs are starting to know that this is home and they bark when they hear someone or something which is a good thing . I also got my first letter which was a treat for me cause I have missed writing letters and receiving them and got the first one outta the box today and hope to get more in the coming days . Woo hoo Kendra finally got booted off of dancing with the stars yep glad about that one . It truly has been a day where the moon and the stars have co-ordinated in the universe and that is truly great !!! :)


  1. Change upsets me too! Glad you are settling in your new home.

  2. Send me you new addie so I can sweeten that new mailbox, too.