Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Am I doomed to see grey clouds and rain forever ?

It just seems like it has rained forever here . I have been enjoying thinking of things to do inside while the weather has been so bad and the only thing is how bad this weather makes my joints hurt LOL !!Of course some will say that is because I am getting old I dont think so . I am trying to develop some new ideas for mail art and sometimes that is really hard . So I will be working on mail art the next few days and hope to come up with some new themes . Have a great day all .


  1. Check out some of the wild ideas at Mail Art 365 blog. There's a link on my blog (I think!) How's the new place? Yup, rainy weather here, achy joints, so it goes.

  2. Hey lady! Do you ever check out the mail art magazines? Or artful blogging magazine? I crawl in bed with copies and enjoy the art. Am always blown away by the creative souls in the world.

    Love your Quakers! I like your blog. What a Wonderful World is a favorite song that lifts me when the world is looking bleak--winger, spring, summer or fall. We have quite a few things in common.

    Write on! Your creative streak is simply taking a break.

  3. Come visit AZ! We have plenty of sunshine :) Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your creativity :)