Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally found one

Well I finally found a paris blogger background . It is on my blog now as I am typing this . I so wish that I could make another trip to Paris . I feel like it was ages ago when I went , guess what it has been ages LOL !!! I know corny . Please forgive me as I could not resist being a clown for a little bit . I loved the paris card that my dear charlie brown sent me and I glued it together and made it into a wall hanging . I love when my dear charlie brown sends me little goodies in the ever so popular small envie or the ever so tiny box . I have tried to make my letters a little more brighter lately by drawing and coloring in their little face and such etc ... I hope my dear pen pals will enjoy them so much . One can only hope can we not ? if you enjoy this background then you will be able to find it at shabby blogs .com . I really like most of their backgrounds . Oh well I will stop with the shameless plugs LOL !!! I am so glad I have heard from everyone after the hurricane and earthquake and happy to say that all is well . Take care everyone .

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  1. Very pretty, phone lady-Lucy. :) Wish I'd known you were searching for Paris paper. I'd have sent you some of mine. I buy it for Erin, so there's usually some on hand.

    Yes, your mail is quite the eye catcher. I told you about the mail clerk who asked about my "colorful" mail, right? I always check my box first when I go to mail something. That way I can read while I wait. People see the mail art I get and someone always comments. Sometimes several clerks stop what they are doing just to come have a look-see. I feel like the lone mail artist in Katy. Surely I'm a phenom? Two major post offices, and I'm it for local mail artist?

    Time to write more letters. Be well!