Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Remembrance

In a few days our country will have its 10th anniversary of one of the worst attacks on this countrys soil to date . As some of you may know that my cousin was a New York City firefighter and also my brother . It is hard to think that it is now ten yrs later and we must always remember and never forget this horrible tragedy . I remind you my dear readers that we lost 125 People at the Pentagon, The World Trade Center 2,824 people , In a field in southeastern Pensylvania 42 lives lost . How scared all of these people must have been . I can still see those poor people who felt there was no other option but to throw themselves out of the towers . I myself folks was sitting at a desk where I worked and a co worker ran through to us and told us omg !! a plane just flew into the world trade center in New York !! we thought it was fluke or just an accident , then we heard about the Pentagon , and then the field in PA where a group of strangers became heroes and decided to fight back and take the plane down rather than let it kill other people . I for one hope that the relatives of those strangers are so very proud of them as I am my cousin and brother . My Uncle will go this anniversary and see his son's name and his nephews name . I for one am proud that my brothers name and cousins name will be there forever carved into a memorial and rightly so as all the other heroes of that day . This is how I will remember those brave souls . How will you remember ?

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  1. Wow, I didn't know. All of those people were amazing heroes. Thanks to your family for paying the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one. On September 11th, we will be flying Old Glory on our front porch. I am also thinking of baking for our local police, fire department and our Emergency Room as a thank you for their unselfish service to the public.