Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Never buy anything Bissell makes !!!!

I am here telling all my readers and followers to never buy anything Bissell makes because they are liars and have decietful and false business practices and anything they make only will last you 6 months if you are lucky !!! I have been round and round with them and calling and calling anyone who will listen to me . I filed a complaint with the bbb of grand rapids michigan and Bissell's response was to send me 3 12.99 coupons which I will not use because , I my dear readers refuse to put another dime in Bissell's pocket . Years ago a companys name meant everything and now they just dont care !!! I made the response simple , I just want my money back . I dont want your coupons or a refurbished machine , No I want my money back . Take the coupons and shove them where the sun does not shine . I also want a written apology for your company putting out such junk on the market to swindle the consumer . I know that I wont get any of these things . But I am truly considering a class action lawsuit against Bissell . and as you can see my friends this will not be the first class action lawsuit that Bissell has had brought against it. No No , by doing some deep seeded research I have found another case where Bissell was brought to court and proved to be the liars they are . It seems as though a Miss Mandi Green of Southern Alabama took Bissell to court in the U.S. District Court in the great state of Alabama . It seems they claimed that their steam mops produced steam which was found to be false . So if any of my dear readers and followers have something Bissell that does not work or stop working and they never made good on their warranty then please get in touch with me . Team work and the internet are wonderful things and so is some good old fashioned research . Believe me folks when I say Im not stopping here , I will bad mouth bissell every chance I get and I will write scathing reviews . You see Bissell now you have made an enemy of me instead of a friend and that is a really bad thing . I could have been a really good ally but no, you chose to make me an enemy . Well my dear readers I will leave it at that .

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