Saturday, April 21, 2012

Im a grandma again !!! Im thrilled

I had a new granddaughter born tuesday evening  April 17th and she is adorable and I cannot wait to meet her but unfortunately that will have to wait until summer when i have the money to go down and see her and i have some medical stuff  to get out of the way first . Why is it we never have the money to do things when we need to do them ? Well I am praying that some miracle comes along and I can get the money . so if you are the praying type then please pray that I get something extra come my way so I can see my beautiful new granddaughter . Im so proud of my children . Oh well take care all and will post pics as soon as I am able to do so .


  1. Congratulations on your new granddaughter, she's a beauty! I'll keep you both in my prayers for a speedy meeting.

  2. Congratulations! She is a beautiful little girl! I get to see my little niece next month. I'm excited.
    I hope you get to see her soon.