Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jinhao T1 shooter series

Okay here we go . Got this yesterday in the mail and it is the Lamy safari knockoff from Jinhao . It is called the Jinhao T1 shooter series and I must say it is a nice pen , writes well and is very light . I was impressed and for the money you cannot go wrong I paid all of 3.69 dollars for it . Yes you read that right three dollars and sixty nine cents for it . For the money you cannot go wrong with this pen and I like it . It write well there is no scratchiness on paper etc . I really cannot say enough nice things about it . Yes , yes I know how some pen people say Lamy got ripped but I don't think so cause there are enough differences in this pen and the Lamy safari series to see the difference . But really for some of us who cannot spend 200 + on a fountain pen it is a really nice pen to add to the collection . And as for me personally I would be sick to think that I had lost a 200 + dollar pen . At 3.69 I could afford to replace this pen if ever lost and that is pretty nice sense of confidence to me . Well just my two cents for the day .

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  1. I love pens, in particular LAMY! I have several. Never heard of this knock-off. I'll look for it. And you're right, better to lose a $3 than even a $30 one.
    And thanks for reading my #equality blog post.