Tuesday, November 4, 2014

my thoughts of the election today

Forgive me readers if I go off track a lil bit today . Normally I don't use this blog as a political sounding board but today if you will bear with me will be a little different . You don't have to agree with my politics , few do . But if you feel like commenting please do so all I ask is that you be respectful of my opinion . In other words NO CUSSING at me because you don't agree with me . Now I was watching CNN last night which I hardly ever do but one commentator said that 50% of the news are predicting a republican sweep of both the house and senate and we have no one to blame except Obama . He has made such a mess of the democratic side that people now want to give the republicans back the chance to set this country back on the right track . Just a personal opinion here but I think it will take a lot of years to put this country back on track be it republican or democrat , man or woman . I myself would like to see a woman become president yes women are still considered a minority in this country , which is a whole other matter entirely best left for another post . My point being that most people seeing that the whole political world in this country is going to vote republic this time which means quite an upset for the whole democratic agenda . Also want to add that most likely it will be some time before a minority will fill the seat again if ever okay fellow readers , just my two cents . Have a wonderful day and get out and vote ...Im off to do so myself .

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  1. I want to see a woman as President, and I'm still hopeful that time is coming.

    For some reason, Obama isn't given the basic respect extended to the office of President. I hate to think it's because of race, but that's what seems to fit.