Thursday, February 23, 2017

One of the best books i have read so far this year

this is one of the best books I have read so far this year ...Omg . This book deals with hospital politics , racism , the klan etc . However it blew me away . You all have to just read this book it is awesome . You will meet someone named Turk Bauer , Brittany Bauer , Ruth Jefferson , her mother the maid , her sister the activist named Andisa , her son Edison .. You will learn of priviledge ,pride , money and a few other things along the way .Grab a copy of this book you wont regret it .


  1. I wish I'd written a more honest review of "small great things," but I try to practice not saying something unkind when a kind thing is better. On the one hand Jodi tackled a brutal topic with a pen and not a sword, but her story is simply a story that does not ring true. But at least she tried. One can only write what one knows; Jodi, as much as I like her, cannot know what it is to be in Ruth's skin or head.

    The ending was too fantastical and over the top. In real life, Brit would not have taken her own life. I believe she deserved a chance at redemption in fiction. Turk got a do-over with a new wife and baby, proving where there's life there's hope. Brit's father would not have let his girl live such a poisonous lie for so long, if ever. Wait. Strom Thurmond just came to mind, so I suppose anything is possible.

    Have you seen the movie "The Magdalen Girls?" Hypocrites create horrible history. Those poor girls. The book was a good read.

    Read on, woman! Read on. Then keep telling us about it.

  2. One more thing. Were there Magdalen boys? Those girls didn't impregnate themselves.