Thursday, November 4, 2010

It is one of those days !!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just have no gumption to do anything remotely close to moving out of a certain chair or just ho hum attitude ? Well my friends this is one of those days for me and I just am so far from caring right now it is not even funny . The sky is gray and the weatherman is calling for snow flurries tommorow . Yes thats right I typed snow flurries , I mean seriously snow flurries this early oh great I predict blizzard conditions for christmas folks and my feet and bones are calling me LOL !!!!


  1. OMGsh....yesterday I swear I wanted to stay in bed and let the girls eat all their Halloween candy for the day's nourishment.

    I totally get you here, sista!

  2. Did it snow? We're going to have a freeze tomorrow night, predicted but not necessarily going to happen. Guess I need to get out the winter coat. Some days it's just nice to stay still.

  3. Just in case you check this could you send me a note if you're interested...I have a neighbor whom is t1d and has had it for over 30 yrs. She's needing some advice and probably just a bit of understanding from another woman whom has had t1d for a while. Thanks a million. Oh, and my email is