Friday, December 3, 2010

Im now non insured !!! AGAIN !!!!

Hi there everyone I just had to come here and raise cane or is it hell ? Anyways I am now no longer insured again through my husbands work policy , they were not aware that I was an insulin dependant diabetic . What ? why would I be buying insulin and you are paying for it then ? LOL !!! The woman I talked to was about as helpful as a piece of paper , seriously . She says she does not understand how the corporate big wigs could see the paperwork and still not know that I was a type 1 . All the endo bills ? I have made several calls these last two days and am still no where. My husband says just give up we will find a way to make it work like we did before . I dont see how but that is my husband the ever present optimist . LoL . My bgs have skyrocketed the last two days due to stress. I also notice that when the weather turns cold the bgs go crazy ? Omg !!! I just realized I sound like a basket case LOL !!! Im done ranting I promise .


  1. Hang in there. That is a total bummer and must be so stressful. I cannot even imagine stressing out and then having high BGs and knowing they are due to the stress. You must feel like you body is betraying you. UGH.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear it!!
    Is it a cancel altogether or just not paying for T1 - if it's a corporate policy they should still cover you but make you wait a year to cover t1. That's my understanding anyway - not a lot of help right now but in time. I hope it works out!!

  3. Hi, glad to see you're still here - was a little worried since I hadn't heard from you and you haven't posted in a while. Sorry to hear about the insurance issues - hang in there - {{HUGS}}


    But, OH SO SAD, to hear this news. I will pray that this mess clears itself up soon.