Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why do squirrels make me want to wage war on them ?

Okay this morning has really torn it for me . I go to take my lil dog out to do her business and what do I notice but the second bird feeder I have put up in the front tree the lid has bee chewed threw . Yes chewed threw , a gapping hole and teeth marks on the other side of the lid as well . As if one hole was not enough for them to make . well I managed to get some duct tape and tape it up to cover the hole and guess what if they eat through it again then they will ingest some duct tape and maybe the taste will not be so nice and they will leave it alone once and for all .I am at my wits end repairing bird feeders and also replacing sun flowers that they have managed to eat the tops off . I mean come on squirrels don't the neighbors have some fresh juicy tomatoes you can eat ? No I wont get a bb gun and shoot them as some might suggest is the way to go . I never in my life have harmed an animal and I'm not about to start . Even if it means having to replace the bird feeder again and again that is just what I will have to do . I'm just writing this so I can get this off my nerves but I'm wondering if any of you have had wild animals do destruction such as to my bird feeder if so please leave a comment and have a spirit filled day and may the Good Lord watch over you and yours .

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  1. LOL! Check this out:

    Now grin and forgive that squirrel for doing what a squirrel's gotta do. You sound like my sister. She threw rocks up a tree at a squirrel that stole her first ever sunflower one summer. :D Y'all are too funny.