Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can someone tell me how we find a balance ?

Can someone tell me how we find a balance in all this madness . I just got reminded that there was a walk here this am but could not make it . Not only was I not feeling good but hubby had to work so we could not make it down for the walk . maybe next year who knows right ? Man I'm bummed that I missed the walk that stinks really bad and I hate hubby has to work on saturday . oh well welcome to my world right ? the weather is chilly and it is starting to rain . great just a lovely all around saturday . Take care all and have a great day .


  1. I'm sorry....sounds kinda like a bummer of a day for you. But if you are resting some...that may "settle" things down and relaz you.
    I hate when my husband is gone when I am feeling badly....I deal with Fibromyalgia...and cold and rainy would not work for my old body either.

    Diabetes would to hard to deal with I think.


  2. I am sending you a big hug right now. I am sorry you are down. We are walking tomorrow and I will think of you walking with me :)

  3. Big hugs!!!! I'll pretend your with us when we walk on the 30th :) Just feel better soon!

  4. Ditto the hugs my dear! It's were there in spirit and sometimes that is enough.

  5. You can only do what you can. One day at a time! You can go next year, no worries. :)