Friday, October 1, 2010

Well another trip to the grocery store

You know I really hate the grocery store I really do . I know some of you out there probably hate it as well especially all of the gf people . gf stands for gluten free . At one time when my blood sugar was hitting the roof the drs bright idea and answer to this was oh let us put you
on a gluten free diet . And let me tell you the grocery store becomes a night mare with gf . I find it is also a nightmare when you have diabetes as well . When I was out and about and used to eat out with friends , they would always say hey you cant eat that or this and frankly it used to bug me alot . I often declined invites to dinner , picnics and other family outings because of it . Now mind you the grocery store is something I often think of with dred . Dont get me wrong I love to smell food cooking just have to remember that in the back of my head that I am always a diabetic . Does that mean it defines me ? No not at all . It is just always in the back of my head . Well take care everyone and see ya soon .


  1. Good to know I'm not alone in the Grocery Store Dislike Club.


  2. =( I hate when people tell me what I can and can't have like they know and understand anything about diabetes! And the grocery store is the biggest pain

  3. Hi, I dislike the grocery store, too, and I don't have a health issue. The big stores just have too much to choose from, too much that isn't healthful, too much hype. This morning at the farmers' market, I met a woman who's writing a memoir about having diabetes since she was 3 years old. I can't wait until she publishes it.