Sunday, October 10, 2010

wow how do some of us get it so easily and others not so much

Wow I just have been at this a long time and I still dont have it down pat and honestly I dont think I ever will and maybe we are not supposed to ? is that the deal ? we are supposed to be able to figure the carb ration = insulin thing . I seriously have been at this a long time and it gets harder and harder all the time . I go high at night and then low low low in the morning and traveling is a real b*%tch sometimes . I hate having to check blood sugars 10+ times a trip and frankly folks it really smells to high heaven . why cant we just really get a cure ? oh my goodness that is it the fda does not want us to have a cure because the diabetes business is a big one !!! Oh well my freaking rant for the day . Have a great one ...


  1. (((HUGS))) I see you on Meri's blog sometimes and thought I'd come scope out your blog. I am sorry that it is still rough. It helps me to hear that though. It helps me understand. It helps me know that Joe will still struggle into adulthood and beyond. That there are always caveats thrown in for a little "d"iversion. Thanks.

    BTW, my name is Reyna from Beta Buddies...good to meet you.

  2. It's just never easy, is it?! I, too, wish more than anything a cure would come along tomorrow!

  3. Good to meet you reyna and yes it will always be hard at least for me maybe by the time some of the little ones are adults we will have a cure . at least that is my hope for all the little ones .