Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why in this day and age are we still dealing with issues

Why oh why in this day and age are we still dealing with issues concerning our diabetes , insurance coverage and supplies ? For Gods sake this is the year 2010 going into 2011 and we are still dealing with out of date insurance companies who are definately behind the times where diabetes is concerned . Everytime I talk to someone it is always "well our insurance did not cover this or our insurance company denied us this " why oh why and this national health care coverage let me tell you folks , yeah we are going to have to pay it but some like me might be living in our car to pay it . Some of us just wont be able to do it . And if you are like me my husbands insurance coverage will not cover hardly anything but we will be paying premiums like it covers everything . You all should read about this national health care plan . It will put families who are already financially strapped , into living in their cars , gutters and over crowded shelters . I definately know we need something but we dont need this plan that Obama has crafted . Also alot of companies will say that they cannot afford to carry it and it will put alot of companys out of business , creating more jobless sittuations . It is not a good idea at all . Oh well let me get off my soapbox take care everyone .

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  1. I hate the insurance situation. I am so incredibly thankful for what we have....but....I can't stand the way people's lives are just tossed up in the air like this....