Monday, September 27, 2010

wow really rainy and cold here today

Wow now I am really wondering if this is the start of winter here because the rain started and the high for today was 68 degrees so hopefully maybe the winter is going to finally start coming in boy I sure hope so cause Im tired of the heat . I have been so behind on blogging it is not even funny LOL !!! I just saw everybodys life went on while I was busy making sure things got done in other areas of my life and as a result my blogging life went in the toliet oh well that is how things happen I guess . Oh well I see alot of you went on your walks this last past wk or wknd and that is just awesome and good to know . Oh well I hope to hear from all of you soon .


  1. We are finally getting summer here in California. 100's today. :(

  2. I'm back to blogging, too. A wedding got in the way of my blogging and writing letters. But now it's over. Hope you got lots done.