Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh my gosh I dont know what to say

Hey there my faithful readers , I was in the target store yesterday and I think my heart almost broke for this elderly woman . She was with her daughter and she was checking out and she was twenty cents short for her purchase and she was digging in her purse and then her grown daughter yells "Well come on mom I dont have all day !!" then the daughter snatches twenty cents out of her own purse and proceeds to tell her mother right there in front of everyone , "You are the brokest woman I know ". I was in shock and the woman behind me says "see that is what happens when you dont spank them "! I was floored by both of these women and my heart went out to the elderly woman .I thought that is terible and I thought that it was some kind of 20/20 thing what would you do ? I kept looking around cause I told my husband that would be my luck someone would tick me off and I would show butt on national tv . LOL !!! Oh well what do you think you would do ? would you say something ? would you pass her a dirty look ? I guess Im conducting my own what would you do expieriment. LOL !!!


  1. OMGsh!

    I would have pulled out twenty cents from my purse and given it back to the daughter and then stepped in front of her to ask the woman if she needed help to the car.

    Then I'd turn to the daughter and look her straight in the eye and remind her that Jesus is watching her.

    PS -- SO GLAD the clothes worked out :) God is GOOD...all of that stuff was handed down to us...just paying it forward!!!!

  2. That is so sad. Really really sad. :(

  3. Oooh - that made me sad. I probably would have said something. For sure would have offered the .20 and more if I had it.

  4. Oh boy! Yes, a that girl needed a spanking! ...probably a long time ago. Poor woman. What a spot to be in. :(

    I'm so happy to hear how well you are doing. *hugs*
    Take care of yourself.